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31 October 2012

How the Mini Mes see me

I was tagged by the lovely Family Four Fun to join in with a great meme based on how our children view us. I love the Mini Mes doodles so this is one I was keen to join in with especially to see what they thought about me... eek!!

Jamster's picture...

I'd hoped the open arms were due to always being there for hugs but apparently it's because 'you are quite big mum' Cheers son!

I'd also hoped the bald patch was just a minor sketching error but 'you will be bald soon as you are getting old mum' .... again, thanks! I'm only 27.

Atleast I'm smiling in the picture.

Minxy's picture...

The hair here is about right as I have a side parting meaning one side is thicker at the front usually.
The big ears are unfortunately accurate too!
I was told that 'You're not grumpy mum you just have big lips from your lip gloss'. Again probably right! I did ask why I didn't have any clothes and Minxy said ' Your boobs are always hanging out anyway'. Perhaps I shouldn't have asked!

Anyone is welcome to join in and link up but I'd like to tag...

Amy at Three under 3
Katherine at Mummy Pink Wellies
Kelly at Us Two Friends
Andie at Little Bits of Waffle

If you write a post and add the link below I'll pop over for a peek!



  1. hi just a quick note to say olivia loves her halloween card, thanks you, shes on the case writing back x

  2. These are great! I love your kids comments too, funny what they notice about us! :) x

  3. Aw great pics. Thanks for tagging me. I will get the littlen on it when he comes home from school :)

  4. Ok post done. What a great Meme, so uplifting. Thanks again x

  5. Sorry to be late replying! Not fair - yours are pretty nice, you're smiling and even get a heart shaped nose in one ;) xx


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