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30 October 2012

Knowing Me, Knowing You Meme

I've been blogging for around 8 months now which seems to have flown by but I still feel like quite a newbie to the blogosphere.

This meme was created to help bring bloggers together, especially new ones, to help build friendships and to learn a few facts about the person behind the blog posts.

Me and my blog badge

The rules
  • Select 5 other deserving blogs with less than 250 subscribers to nominate and link their blogs in your post.
  • Post 5 random facts about yourself.
  • Tell your nominees you have chosen them for this award by leaving a comment on their blogs or tweeting.
  • Answer the 5 questions the tagger has asked you and ask your own 5 questions to the people you nominate.

5 Random facts about me:

I actually wrote a post about this previously so rather than adding the same facts here you can pop over to my post and delve into my world... and see some incredible bruises in the process! 

5 Questions I was asked to answer:

What’s the funniest thing any of your children have said lately?
They are forever coming out with cracking one liners that make me giggle but Jamster and I had a wonderful conversation the other day about how farts are made!

What’s the best thing about motherhood for you?
Seeing them grow and achieve and learn is incredibly rewarding but of course when they come for cuddles and tell you they love you it's amazing. It makes you feel so needed and appreciated.

What skill/talent have you got that few people know about or that you have forgotten you had?
I can lick my nose with my tongue and bend my thumbs back to touch my hand.

What’s your best blog post? (in your estimation – do not count how many hits or likes you’ve had).
Ooo that's a hard one as my blog is quite a mixture of everything. Not a post in particular, but I like writing my weekly reasons to be cheerful, purely because they make me realise how lucky I am and how much I have to smile about.

What’s the best way you’ve found to encourage a child to eat something they don’t like?
By making food fun. I don't mean in terms of  'here comes the big aeroplane' but instead making it look nice, themed lunches etc.

I am tagging the following 5 people to take part in this meme....

And the questions I ask you are....
What is the most embarrassing experience you have ever had?
What is your most treasured childhood memory?
What is your favourite meal?
If you could go to any destination in the world where would it be and why?
If you could wish for one thing for your child what would it be?

If you add your link below once you have done it I can pop over for a look!



  1. hey hun so do I just post a blog and then tag you in it? gonna try work out how to tag x

    1. You need to write a post with your 5 random facts, answers to the questions and rules. You the choose a few different people to tag and 5 questions of your own then add your link below so I know when you have :)

  2. will have to give it a try


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