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05 October 2012

My little Skylander fan(atic)

When Jamster first saw the Skylanders starter pack advert on TV and turned to me with wide eyes and an open mouth, I knew that it was something he would love. I pre-ordered the set and put it away for Christmas.

Ever since he received it he has spent many rainy days sat at the Wii, remote to hand, playing away silently. I'll admit I have joined in from time to time quite frequently  to help him on his quest.

He's used his pocket money to purchase more figures...

We HAD to go to see the Skylanders first when we went to Lollibop...

...and he has the t-shirt and posters to match his favourite game too.

His favourite Skylander is Wrecking Ball as "his tongue sticks out and he is cheeky" but he loves Dark Spyro too as he is "totally awesome" apparently!

He can't wait until the release of Skylanders Giants - something no doubt Santa will HAVE to get him for Christmas this year!

What do your little ones love?


  1. Veronica Cloudbusta16/10/2012, 11:04

    Fantastic pictures!
    DinoBoy, funnily enough, is obsessed with dinosaurs! Over the years he has progressed to all things pre-historic and educated us all about them, but his first love is dinosaurs.

    1. Thank you :)
      Dinosaurs rock! My little dude loves them too. They are often found in his bed and clothes drawers!


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