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09 October 2012

ONEMums Meme

What motherhood means to me...

Open heart and arms, always
Non stop love and devotion
Educating and growth
Moments of pure happiness
Undoubtedly rewarding
Memories made
Special bonds 

You can join in with this acronym style meme and link up at Seasider in the City to help spread awareness of the #ONEMums trip and about what ONE do.

ONE is not a charity. You don't need to donate any money. Backed by a movement with over 3 million ONE members, ONE achieves change through advocacy - it needs your voice!

You can read about joining and how you can help here:


  1. Open hearts and arms, I love this!
    Thanks for joining in

  2. Beautiful, yep I feel the same.

    Thanks, Mich x


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