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02 October 2012

World Food Day Campaign

I often take our filled cupboards, shelves and fridge for granted. I may whinge about the expense but my children won't be going without a warm evening meal, lunch or breakfast any day soon.

I thought about how I would feel as a mother to see my children hungry... starving... even dying and I found it truly distressing. I therefore decided to help promote this campaign by blogging about it. It wont cost you anything bar time and only a few moments at that to help.

It's FREE to help!

By simply watching the video below and taking an online quiz, a link is supplied at the end of the video, you will be helping the fight against hunger. For every person that completes this simple task a partner of W.F.P (World Food Programme) will pay for a school meal for a child. 

It only takes a few minutes yet it will make such a difference to a child's life.

Even if just one person watches the video and completes the quiz that is one child helped and makes this post worthwhile.

WFP has set a goal. By 2015 they want to help ensure that no child goes to school hungry.

Studies show it is more difficult for children to learn
without adequate food and nutrition.

• There are 66 million primary school-age children who
attend classes hungry across the developing world.

• A daily school meal provides a strong incentive to send
children to school and keep them there and allows the
children to focus on their studies, rather than their stomachs.

They have already helped Molly, 1 of the 100 million children that the W.F.P feed each year. You can read her story here:  

I hope that you will take the time to watch the video and complete the quiz to help a child.

Thank you for your support

*The photos were supplied by WFP*

If you do watch the video and complete the quiz please leave a comment below. On 16th October, World Food Day, we will announce how many meals were provided by your support!

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