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02 October 2012

Zombie Me

I'm a big Walking Dead fan and can't wait until the release of the new series on the 19th October!

 Mummy Mishaps created the 'Halloween Me' linky so I thought I would have to join in too and become a zombie - what do you think?

You can edit your photo using the fab new themed tools from Picmonkey.

So this is me Zombified! ... Don't worry, I've suddenly turned into a vegetarian!



  1. Good job, Vegetarian Zombie! You look more scary than me and my baby! Very realistic. x

  2. I did something similar on my hubbys phone lqst year, scared myself lol. It looks fab!!

  3. OMG! this is fantastic - you make a great zombie. love it and thanks for linking up x x

  4. I am such a wuss! I actually had a fright then!!!

  5. From a distance it makes you look a bit like princess fiona! xx


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