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15 November 2012

Christmas Preparations

With the year flying by it really is time to start thinking about Christmas and preparing for the big day, regardless of how much the Mr would like to leave it until 24th December to get organised.

Most years I find myself out and about Christmas eve fetching the last few bits in for dinner that I have forgotten and in a mad panic wrapping gifts I hadn't remembered were hidden under the bed/in the boot of the car/up the attic/under the stairs. I felt it wise to create a check list for to ensure nothing is missed out as I would love a completely stress free day and the chance to sit and drink wine for the majority of it.

Buy the most wanted and expensive gifts first. It helps to spread the cost a little so you only have the little bits and bobs left to purchase and prevents your child from missing out if things are sold out later on. Pick up your variety of toys and other goodies now!

Prepare your Christmas cards. You don't need to post them just yet but writing a list of who you are sending them to now, or even writing them, saves the time nearer the big day when things will be a little more hectic and the shops will be a lot busier.

Stock up on batteries. Not only will you need these for all of the toys but for the camera too. You don't want to miss out on those magical moments.

Sticky tape and gift tags are usually the two I run out of first so I will be having lots of these spare this year, colour coordinated of course!

We usually put the tree up on 1st December but it would look a little bare without lights and decorations so make sure all of yours are in working as soon as you can and pick up some more if you need to.

Get your advent calendars. I used to buy chocolate filled ones for a tasty treat each day but I often found doors hanging open earlier than they should be! I have therefore resorted to Advent Calendars with play sets that you build instead as they last a lot longer and save on the E numbers (and calories).

You may be preparing a huge family feast with all the trimmings this Christmas but don't forget your basics. You will need milk and bread and the shops wont be open so stock up. You can always freeze some if necessary. You can also make and bake bits now and freeze them for later too.

Make sure you have stamps, and plenty of them to get your parcels and cards out in plenty of time. 
Check out Royal Mail's last postage dates:

Thursday 13 December - Standard and Mail Order Return Parcels
Tuesday 18 December - Second Class and Recorded Signed For™
Thursday 20 December - First Class and Recorded Signed For™Special Delivery™
Friday 21 December - Special Delivery™ with Saturday Guaranteed 
Saturday 22 December - Special Delivery™

Discuss where you will be spending the day. If you are travelling to spend Christmas with friends and family get your tickets for trains, coaches or flights and hotel arranged well in advance. You don't want all the seats and rooms to be booked ruining your plans.

If family are coming to you make sure you have enough cups, plates and cutlery for everyone to enjoy their meal with. Think about sleeping arrangements and if you don't have spare duvets and air beds get them to bring them along with them.

Make a cooking schedule so you know what needs going in and out of the oven when and defrost your turkey in plenty of time. This saves a lot of time Christmas eve and day reading boxes and packets and faffing about in the kitchen when you could be downing sherry.

Are you looking forward to the big day? 
What preparations do you enjoy the most?

*This is a partnered post. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources*


  1. I love this list! And could not agree more! With better planning it can all go so great but with no preparation it could be a disaster (especially for the little ones!)

  2. is it wrong all mine is wrapped tagged and ready to go? we are booked and paid for chrimbo lunch in a pub and the chrimbo cards are written addressed and stamped? all this was done 53 days before christmas .... god i need to get out more!

    1. Sounds like December will be hectic free for you. Super organised!! :) x

  3. I can't quite face a schedule yet in case I scare myself I will run out of time! You look very organised here though.

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