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19 November 2012


Imagine a beautifully scented soft dough that can be used in the bath, shower, to wash your hair and to play with and you have Fun; Lush's latest invention. 

I'm a big fan of Lush (as are the Mini Mes) so we were pleased to receive a box filled with goodies for us to review including Fun. 

Fun comes in 5 colours, each with its own fragrance; Pink smells sweet like candy, green is packed with lime and lemon for a refreshing clean, blue contains lavender to help your little one relax before bed, red is bursting with orange and mandarin and yellow is vanilla to remind you of ice cream and and cake! A lovely variety to suit every taste.

The Mini Mes instantly wanted to create some models and shapes so they removed them from the biodegradable wrappers to play.

Some of their creations...

Similar to salt dough it was easy to squish, roll and shape. It was quite crumbly at first but the more it was used the softer it became. The Mini Mes loved it!

To use fun to clean with you pinch off a small piece and lather it up. You can also crumble it under running water to wash your clothes with so that they smell delicious too. This 4 in 1 product really is very versatile. I like how the scent remains despite being played with!

Each colour costs £5 which is perhaps a little pricey for some but considering they can be used in so many ways, are fragranced wonderfully and will last quite some time I think that's acceptable. I would buy them.

You can order yours online or in store.

With every purchase for the first year Lush will donate 10p to support children that were affected by the Fukushima Disaster. They want to help put some fun into the lives of those where there may be very little at present - a lovely idea!

*We received some Lush products for the purpose of this review. The opinions given are our own and are honest*

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  1. Not seen this before but looks a lot better than play dough that can get quite sticky.


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