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14 November 2012

Ice Age Live - A Mammoth Adventure

The Ice Age movie franchise has been loved by the Mini Mes and I for several years, so when we heard the characters were going live in a new stage show we were eager to go along for a magical family experience.

We received tickets to one of eight shows at Wembley Arena just a few days ago and had an amazing time. The stage, an ice rink, was set beautifully with large screens for the back drop and mountains too. We were 4 rows from the front so we had a superb view throughout. We sat in awe at just how 'real' the super-size puppets looked, controlled by people within - the mammoths being over 3 metres tall!

All of the favourite characters including Sid, Diego, Manny, Ellie, Peaches and Buck are on stage and Scrat and and Scratte are present too with their acorn chasing adventures. There are new characters to see with Shadow the bird that swoops over the audience and bears and foxes with great dancing, martial arts and stunts.  The lighting and outfits of all are truly spectacular and the skating is very good. There are lots of spins and lifts to keep the audience engaged and a variety of songs to get you swaying in your seat. There are also opportunities to clap along so you get to feel quite involved with the performance during the 50 minute halves.

The story of the Mammoth Adventure involves Manny, Diego and Sid searching for their family and friends after they are kidnapped by Shadow and his gang of birds. You follow them on their mission through an enchanted garden and other locations to get the characters home safely.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the show and I would recommend going to all Ice Age Fans, old or young!

The show is on tour for 5 years across several countries  You can find out more about the show and book tickets here:

*We received a family pass to Ice Age Live for the purpose of this review*



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