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30 November 2012

Meeting Santa

Christmas is the most magical time of year for children and during the build up to the big day we always head to a grotto to tell Santa what is on this years wishlist.

When the Mini Mes were very small they HATED seeing the fat man in red. I guess any new experience is a little daunting for a young child but even more so when it involves talking to someone they have never met before with a ridiculously long beard. They would cling on tightly wondering what was going on and I ended up sitting on Santa's lap on quite a few occasions to show them that he wasn't as scary as they imagined!

As the years have gone by they have begun to love the whole experience  The grotto itself is usually spectacular with beautiful lights and displays and the one we visited last two years was particularly good with life-like bears, reindeer and penguins in a stunning cabin. They also liked the idea that they could choose their own gift from a lovely selection. Last year was Disney Princess and Cars!

I don't recall going to a grotto myself as a child although I do remember meeting Santa at my mums Christmas parties where all the family could attend and my Grandad dressing as Santa for my lower school's Christmas fayre!
We plan to go to the grotto again this year and the Mini Mes are already excited. I don't think it will be many more years before they stop believing so I like to make December as special as possible while they are still small with crafts, baking etc too.

I'm gutted that I know longer get a cuddle with the big fella too!

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  1. We were thinking of taking our little one a grotto this year but I'm sure he will cry. I'm like you, I remember the Santa (grumpy caretaker)at they school Christmas Fayre but not really going to a grotto. Your little girl certainly looks happy to meet him last year, what a lovely picture x

  2. Oh, cute pics! My little ones hated meeting Santa - they were just too scared and the look on their faces...priceless! But now, when they grew older, they love it which (on a side note) is bad news for my better half - he has to dress up and wear this beard every single year!

  3. awww what magical photos :) i remember when i was a child that you sat on santa's lap but not in todays society of course! i dont have any photos of me seeing santa though.
    thanks for linking up x


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