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27 November 2012

My favourite Disney

Some of my earliest childhood memories involve Disney. Visits to the cinema to see the latest movie release with my family, beautiful soft toys stacked at the end of my bed and a trip to Disneyland Paris to name but a few, but there will always be that one favourite movie; Beauty and the Beast.

There is something enchanting and magical about every Disney but there has always been something about this movie that I've found truly captivating. Apart from the catchy songs and moving story-line I really like the idea that love is about what's on the inside and not just based on appearance. Although I never viewed the movie in that way until I became an adult!

Belle is portrayed as a slim, stunning character but it's nice to see her fall for the guy that you wouldn't expect -  a beast. It makes love seem achievable for everyone regardless of race, age, build and looks. It allows you to think that you will find your prince one day and although they may not be a hunk stereotypically they may be the sweetest, kindest and most generous person alive and beautiful in your eyes. 

It teaches not to judge people on appearance and that is the message I would like to pass on to my own children. Treating others equally is an important life lesson.

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*This is a sponsored post. The views on Disney are my own and are honest*


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  1. Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favourite Disney movie!! I'm tempted to book Eurodisney but think it'll have to wait for next year xx


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