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16 November 2012

Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger

I wondered how the sequel would compare to the 2009 family favourite; Nativity, but it's definitely not one to be missed if you enjoy a British comedy.With fun and frolics from the start it has the Christmas feel good factor and some tear jerker moments thrown in too.

David Tennant as Mr Peterson and estranged twin brother Roderick, takes on the role as a primary school teacher at St Bernadette's. However, with Mr Poppy the wild and silly classroom assistant, he struggles to deal with life at the school and juggling his care for his heavily pregnant wife (Joanna Page). Pam Ferris with reprise roll as Mr Poppy's aunt and headteacher, promises Mr Peterson the job of head if he will put up with the unruly class and assistant until Christmas, despite their crazy and secret plan to enter the Song for Christmas competition.

With the chance of a releasing a song and winning £10,000, Mr Poppy is keen to take part regardless of the lack of talent and auditions are held before they gallivant, without permission, to Wales in a bus turned boat. The movie follows the adventures of the class across beautiful welsh countryside in the search for Christmas Castle where the competition takes place. With a magical donkey, a stolen baby and mountain rescue there are lots of giggles to be had by young and old alike.

Mr Peterson's class competes against the likes of Mr Shakespeare's group from Oakmore and the posh choir of St Cuthbert's college, conducted by his brother Roderick.... but do they win - I'll leave you to find out!

This movie had me and my mum smiling at heart warming magic despite a few classic cheesy moments that Christmas themed films bring. Aimed at a younger audience it will really appeal to little ones and have them giggling along at the road trip gone wrong and the daft character of Mr Poppy.

Charity tickets are available for the movie with proceeds being donated to Children in Need.

If you wish to donate to this cause you can do so here:

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  1. As a grandparent I am looking for a film for "little ones" I read a very critical review of this film "total shambles" so your review gives me a bit of encouragement. Thanks Jon

    1. There were lots of smiles and giggles in the cinema from children and adults, everyone appeared to like it. I think it's a nice movie the whole family can enjoy - I hope you do too :) x

  2. You are right, I think the little ones will enjoy it! Some reviews are terrible but I didn't think it was as bad as they say. Here is my review

  3. LOVED Nativity so looking forward to seeing this one. Great cast so I'm hopeful.

  4. look's good have to watch it at christmas


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