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26 November 2012

The frugal guide to eating out

There are a lot of ways in which you can save money when you treat yourself to a meal out.
By researching a little and being a little tech savvy you can save yourself money and probably discover some new, great places to eat too!

  • Check for online discount codes. Try visiting to see if the restaurant you’re headed to is offering any discounts or offers. You could be surprised at how such little effort before you head out to your meal can end up saving you a huge amount on your bill.
  • Sign up for loyalty schemes. A lot of restaurants offer incentives for being a returning customer. Ask if they have a loyalty card. You’ll get a stamp when you visit and once you’ve collected a certain amount you’ll get a side or part of your meal for free. Some even will give you your meal for free once you complete your card.
  • Bring your own wine. More and more restaurants now will let you bring your own bottle of alcohol. It means a quick stop off at the supermarket, but will mean that your bill will go down, as restaurants can charge over the odds for their own bottles. 
  • Eat “off peak” when you can. Restaurants will normally provide a cheaper lunch time menu to encourage customers. It means a cheaper meal for you, and normally the same size as the normal evening meal. However, you’ll also be able to dine in a quieter environment as an added bonus.
  • Don’t buy water. Water is free! Instead of asking for expensive bottled water request a jug of tap water with ice. It will taste pretty much the same, without having the huge price tag. And it’s less calories than the other drinks you might have too!

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