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05 December 2012

Christmas colours

The dark green trees, bright red stockings hung on fireplaces and the many different colours of twinkling lights in windows definitely show the arrival of December and the preparation for Christmas.

Despite the miserable weather and the dark days of winter, the festive season brings so much sparkle and light.

We have three trees in our home, one decorated by everyone in the lounge and the Mini Mes have their own in their rooms too. It's lovely in the evening when the bright colours illuminate the darkness.

The theme this week is the colour.



  1. If we had our decorations up, I would have used mine for this weeks theme but alas we haven't :(
    But yours look very festive and I have Christmas decoration envy x

  2. My kids wanted their own tree's this year too but so far I have not been able to find them anything suitable.


  3. I am very excited about decorating our tree but apparently I'm not allowed a tree yet :-(
    I have smuggled a couple of decorations out already though ;-)

  4. Wonderful to have three ! I love decorating the christmas tree with the kids, though it usually ends up a bit bottom heavy and I have SO many decorations ! x

  5. Lovely picture. I am so excited about Christmas this year.

  6. helloitsgemma05/12/2012, 21:39

    nice tree! happy Xmas!

  7. What a gorgeous tree! And very cute kiddies :)

  8. How lovely! I love Christmas time. Our tree will be decorated next weekend. xx


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