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14 December 2012

Clearing out for Christmas

I like a good clear out and a tidy up, almost like a spring clean but a winter version, just before Christmas. It allows me to fully enjoy the festivities without the worry of dirty laundry and over-flowing toy boxes or drawers packed to the brim haunting me. Plus with a new year approaching too I like to start afresh with all the rubbish, broken and old toys out of the way and the new goodies all stored away nicely.

Lurking in the depths of one of my kitchen drawers there are the usual old bills and bank statements that need shredding, playing cards (usually with a few missing after the Mini Mes have had them out) and tiny parts of toys and games. General junk that has been put out of sight and out of mind for a little too long. There are however a few items that could actually make me some pennies and help out others in the process; old mobile phones. Over the years I've had quite a variety of mobile phones. The brick sized ones with twist on aerials, ones with roller balls and tiny buttons and the latest touch screens that have pretty much been thrown into a drawer and forgotten about, left to gather dust when I've upgraded. 

However, you can sell old mobile phones and make yourself some cash which is ideal for this time of year when money may be tight after big sprees on gifts. A lot of us spend a little too much this time of year don't we!

Hidden within my drawers I came across five old mobile phones. Rather than putting them in the bin you can actually sell them and put them to good use. It's unlikely you will get much money after advertising fees have been taken on selling websites but with Top Dollar mobile they pay the top prices without charging you. It's easy to do; pop onto their website, find out how much your particular handset (or handsets in my case) are worth and receive a trade pack delivered to your door to post the mobile phone off to be recycled.  That's it! 

Even if you aren't fully certain of the model you have there are pictures which you can use to help identify your particular mobile. Once they have been received and checked over you will receive your payment within 5 working days - it is so simple. 

It's definitely worth a look around to see what you have laying in the bottom of your cupboards too.

Pennies in your pocket and clutter out from your drawers!

*This is a sponsored post*


  1. I've been having a tidy out too this week to make way for all the new toys, toiletries and socks..... I can actually get in the toy cupboard now :) I did this with my phones a while back and it was lovely to get a cheque in the post.

    1. Always nice to receive money for things you no longer use or need isn't it :)


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