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13 December 2012

Reasons to be happy

You're not from round here

My reasons to be happy

Only 4 more days, after today, of work and school until we break up for Christmas! Definitely something to be cheerful about. I love duvet days, crafts and baking and not having to rush in the morning to get up and out into the cold will be lovely.

I've started wrapping gifts and purchased the last few bits yesterday evening so I feel quite prepared now for the big day. No doubt I'll end up buying more but that is always the way with me... Oops.

I'm hosting a Mexican night on Saturday with all the family round which I'm looking forward to. As it's at mine it will be a great evening without the need to taxi people about. I may enjoy a tipple or ten.

The Mini Mes have their award presentations tomorrow for their achievements over the year. Proud mummy moment alert!

What reasons to you have to be cheerful this week?

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Lovely reasons to be cheerful. Totally agree about loving not having to get out of the house in the morning. 4 days and counting. Thanks for linking up x

    1. I can't wait for the holidays really need those duvet days...have a fab Mexican night sounds like fun :)

  2. Oh yes, here's to duvet days! Hating these cold mornings! Thanks for reminding me of the joy of Mexican food too. Enjoy the days ahead.

  3. Have fun at your Mexican night, that sounds like loads of fun! I can't wait for the schools to break up. It feels really late this year, as my boys don't break up until next Friday! x

  4. Lovely reasons. Have fun at your Mexican night, sounds fun and tasty :) x

  5. nice to look forward to the Christmas break - really hope you enjoy it lots xxx

  6. I have one day longer! Xmas break is such a big reason to smile

  7. ooo enjoy the mexican night, that sounds like fun! x

  8. We have 5 days of school left....5 days for me to get the last of the presents and get all of them all wrapped...eek!
    Enjoy your Mexican night x


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