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27 December 2012

Saying thanks

Now that Christmas is over and all the presents are stored away, it is time for us to thank those that have sent us gifts this year. Ever since I was small I remember sitting and writing cards of gratitude to those that had made my Christmas so special and it's something that I always get the Mini Mes to do too.

I think it is an important part of the festivities and good manners for little ones to get involved with - even if they are small they can doodle with some crayons on a piece of paper or you can write them on their behalf.

I think it's nice to show that you appreciate the time and expense that others have made for you. Not only does it confirm to those that have posted you presents that they have have arrived safely but that you are thankful also. 

We make our own cards usually but I've purchased some Usborne Thank You Cards to Colour this year.

Will you be sending thank you cards?
How important is it to you to say thanks?


  1. Yep! The little ones are going to pose for photos later and the big one is going to write hers herself. I agree that it's a tradition that should be passed on to kids. We posted some alternative ways to say thank you and some letter writing tips for kids today as I remember feeling it was a chore when I was young. I want my kids to enjoy it!

  2. We usually don't go with cards - my bad. I cannot find time :( But we do call or skype to say thanks for the gifts/postcards/wishes. I know sending cards would be better but it's just simply impossible with my terrible organisation skills. I hope I can do better next year/next occasion when "thank you" is appropriate :)

  3. Yes, I get Leo to 'write' thank you cards or draw a picture and I write. I feel its important to do if people have made the effort to send us something all the way out to Cyprus.

  4. saying thank you is very important, and we started sending thank you cards from my son w3hen he w3as born and will do so until he can write them himself. good manners are so important.


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