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01 December 2012

The countdown begins!

It's finally December! Can I get a "Ho, Ho, Ho"?! 

Despite the year zooming by, the past few weeks leading up to the Christmas season seemed to have dragged for me. Even though the Mini Mes have told me every few minutes what presents they want and the Mr has his usual Bah Humbug attitude about the whole event, I really can't wait! I love how it brings families together, the wonderful food vast quantities of wine and I enjoy selecting, delicately wrapping and giving presents to loved ones.

Check us out getting into the Christmas spirit (and not the alcoholic type!)...

Are you enjoying the countdown or do you loathe the celebration?

What's on your wishlist?

1 comment

  1. Love it but so not as organised as I usually am so in a bit of an eek over it


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