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04 January 2013

2013 - promises to myself

Each December I think of resolutions, improvements for myself as a person, as a partner and as a parent to try to achieve an even better year than the one previous. At times they can be difficult to stick with for one reason or another, afterall chocolate can be a little too tempting at times can't it and time isn't always on our side, but this year I'm hoping I can reach my goals and by writing them down I think it will keep me motivated.

Have more fun outdoors
I love the sunshine so popping on flip flops and going for a stroll in the summer is never an issue but when it's cold, windy or wet I'm not usually as keen. However, after a few recent trips out in the rain I've realised it is actually really fun to puddle jump and to get stuck in mud so I'm planning on spending a lot more time in the great outdoors as a family regardless of the weather.

31st December 2012 - Ending the year as we mean to go

Spend more quality time with the Mr
We get weekends together and every evening and although it's nice to watch a movie together and have a glass of wine I would really like to try to make that time more special. I want to play more games, have a giggle, get out together more frequently for date nights, paintballing etc as a couple. Just enjoy eachothers company a little more without technology getting in the way.

Lose weight
This one tends to pop up most years! In order to lose weight I'm on a mission to reduce sweets and chocolate, eat healthier and exercise more. I'm aiming to work out 3 times a week for 45 minutes either Zumba, a DVD or popping on the cross trainer but keeping active links in well with my other resolution to get outdoors more too which should help!

For January I am also raising funds for Cancer Research by not drinking alcohol. All sponsorship is greatly appreciated for this worthy cause so if you can help out, then please do!

What are your resolutions this year? 
How do you plan to stick to them?

This is my entry for the ‘Get Fit Feel Epic’ competition hosted by Kate on Thin Ice


  1. nothing better than realising puddle jumping and getting stuck and covered in mud is fun!!!

  2. Yey, delighted to see your first resolution and look forward to lots of fun posts with sunshine or puddles! Best of luck on the weight one, hopefully all that running around outside will help this objective without giving up the chocolate too!

  3. What great resolutions.
    I am holding a linky on a Monday (Motivational Monday) and would love for you to link this up. Then we shall all go around motivating each other.

    Mine are a lot like yours - but I'm not as good - but small steps I think are important.

    Well done, hope you are very proud of yourself.

  4. I have to admit that getting out and some fresh air does improve my day dramatically- I hope your resolutions go well!

    Over from Country Kids

  5. Lovely photos. Remember, there's no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing! Having said that we've been struggling with the relentless rain recently too. Country Kids is a great encouragement to get outside though!

  6. You sound really motivated for the year ahead. Thanks for entering but please can you add a link to the Money Supermarket Get Fit Feel Epic campaign as well as to my blog post. Just so you qualify for entry.

  7. Lovely, my resolutions are quite similar, will keep an eye on your progress, am currently doing the Zumba for Wii, it's a killer!! Good luck :)

  8. Good luck, chocolate is my weakness too! I bet you'll feel better if you get out no matter what the weather & as you say jumping in puddles can be so much fun. Good luck with the weight loss, 16 years ago this month I decided to lose weight for the first time & managed to shed 46lbs & over the years only gained 14 to be a more manageable weight, so good luck, I know how hard it can be. Thanks for joiing in the outdoor play link up too, Kierna

  9. Looks like you had a fun day. Good luck with losing weight. I am sure you will do great. Just keep smiling!!

  10. Sorry to be a pain but competition sponsor insists that you do a link to the MoneySupermarket site and make it a do follow link. Only way to make your entry valid.


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