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09 January 2013

Creative fun over Christmas

The build up was immense yet it all seemed to be over so quickly. Christmas that is. 
Apart from the endless food and wonderful gifts we had a great time getting crafty and creative too over the festive period.

We made our own cards using fingerprints and potatoes...

We coloured in some cards in glitter gel pens to send to our family and friends to say thank you for the lovely presents they sent us...

We had Peppy Tum-Tums visit who helped us to make paper chains...

We met Santa and pretended that we had traveled all the way to the North Pole to visit him...

And we did lots of baking...

We were asked to share our creativity over Christmas As part of Carcraft’s Drive Happy initiative

What creative fun did you have over the festive break?

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  1. Hi! I'm a new follower, loving your blog :)

    Looks like some great crafting fun! And those reindeer pops are such a good idea!




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