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31 January 2013

Disney World - Where dreams come true

I had a bit of a post Christmas clear out recently and discovered some old pictures which brought back some wonderful memories of France and my experiences of Disneyland. A coach trip with friends, my first time in the Euro-tunnel, character meet and greets, beautiful gift shops and amazing rides made it an incredible and unforgettable trip.

I've never had the opportunity to travel to America for Disney World, the bigger and probably better alternative, although being a big kid at heart I would love the chance to do so taking the Mini Mes too. They have been surrounded by Disney as they have grown (we have already booked our tickets for Wreck it Ralph) with a variety of their favourite character soft toys gathered at the bottom of their beds, the action figures, clothing and even costumes that they love to dress in to play. 
They are huge fans like me!

I could imagine their eyes lighting up and jaws dropping in awe as they saw the Cinderella Castle, the parade led by Tinkerbell and the magic carpet ride of Aladdin. New Fantasy Island would be appreciated by us all as Beauty and the Beast is our favourite movie and the Enchanted Forest with Belle and Lumiere would be magical. There are so many parks to choose from and so much to see and do we would be entertained for days with memories to last a lifetime.

Have you been to Disney World? 
Would you like to go?

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  1. Emma if you ever get the chance to go, do so the mini's would absoloutely love it and you too the characters are amazing and actually believable lol the parades are brilliant I must say the 1st time we stepped into a Disney park with the kiddies was Epcot and the 1st character we saw was Daisy the kids faces was amazing I cried.
    it really is the most magical experience and I only wished all children got the chance ot experience it...the rides are pretty cool too.


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