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29 January 2013

MAD Blog Awards - Nominations open

I'm certainly not going to beg, borrow or steal for nominations, that would be against the rules anyway, but I would like to highlight the fact that nominations for the MAD Blog awards are open for those of you that may not have heard of them.

Last year I was a newbie to the world of blogging so I had no idea what they were but they are pretty important when it comes to 'Mum And Dad' blogging. This will be the fourth annual awards in association with and with over 100,000 nominations received it is quite a big deal to even be a runner up!

If there has been a particular post that has helped you and your family have fun, a recipe or craft that you have enjoyed or something you have found inspiring then you can vote here if you feel I'm worthy of an award, perhaps in the Family Fun or Family Life categories.

MAD Blog Awards
Click the image
(You don't have to vote in every category)

As my blog almost turns 1 (Sunday eeee!) I'd like to thank all of my followers for your support.



  1. Voted for you! I am new to this so I do hope I did it the right way ;)

  2. Good luck!! Your blog is really really good!


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