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11 January 2013

Perfume Laboratory *Review*

I'm forever finding my perfumes and body sprays in Minxy's room so I was more than pleased when she received the Interplay Perfume Laboratory from the Wild Science range to review!

The kit provided her with everything that she needed to make some lovely scents, sublime slime and crystal pourri. With a colour booklet of instructions included it made it very easy for her to complete by herself (under my watchful eye).

The kit is suitable for children over 8 years of age and contains:

5 empty vials
2 stirring sticks
4 storage pouches
4 base perfume samples
Mixing jar with lid
Sodium Polyacrylate Crystals,
Graduated syringe
Mini measuring cup
5ml liquid colouring
Cotton wool balls
'Sublime Slime' powder
Sticky labels

Each item has it's own place within the box keeping it tidy and organised.

Making the perfume
Minxy used the tweezers which are chunky and easy to hold to select a perfume sample before inserting it into the syringe. She used the measuring cup to gather 20ml of warm water, 5ml of which she sucked into the syringe, and then gave it a shake to combine the two. She squirted the perfume she had created into a vial and added a label. I think her pen pal may be receiving one soon! 
It is very simple to do and with rose, mint, eucalyptus and Jasmine samples there is a nice variety of scents to make. You can then use the perfumes to make the slime and pourri which are also quick and easy to do.

There are details on how to patch test to check for allergies although all the ingredients are very low allergen.
The set supports UK Science curricula including scientific enquiry, investigation skills, grouping and classifying materials and changing materials so it's educational yet fun too. It is a great set for a budding scientist and nice to have your own little perfumery at home with very little time or effort required to get results. Minxy really enjoyed using it.

You can purchase your own set from Amazon.

*We received the Perfume Laboratory for the purpose of this review. The opinions given are honest and our own*


  1. I had a set just like this when i was little and loved making my own(interesting smelling) perfumes. I'm glad she had fun :)

    1. I'm just waiting to be asked to wear a combo of all the scents eek ! x


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