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03 January 2013

Reasons to be happy

You're not from round here

I'm really glad I took part in this weekly link up to concentrate on the good things in life and I continue to do so into a new year - 2013. It can often be hard to see the positive when there can be so much hurt, stress and loss but I find it really uplifting and it makes me appreciate the things that make me smile, however small, that little bit more.

My reasons to be happy

We welcomed in the new year surrounded by loved ones; parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings which was really lovely. My Grandma came along too and I was surprised she managed to stay awake to hear the fireworks go off at midnight, as did the Mini Mes for the first time. They are usually tucked in and snoring away so it was nice that they were involved too enjoying everyone's company and the delicious buffet meal my mum had prepared. We were told it was fancy dress but it was only Jamster that wanted to wear costume!

Blogging has given me some really great opportunities over the past few months and for that I am grateful. We have enjoyed some lovely days out as a family and even a weekend to Blackpool in 5 star luxury reviewing 7 Merlin attractions. I already have some goodies on the agenda to review this year and I won a luxury spa trip during December for my Reindeer Pops.

Having things to look forward to always keeps me smiling and we are already thinking of holidays for this year. It looks like we will have some camping trips when the weather improves, some UK breaks and a trip abroad. I need sunshine!

What reasons to you have to be cheerful this week?

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Amazing reasons...Have a fab 2013

  2. Ohh all those holidays sound good, we have all ours booked alreeady so I can look forward to them! lol Mich x

  3. Great reasons. Happy New Year.

  4. Great reasons, happy new year! The reindeer pops are so cute!

  5. Great reasons, congratulations on winning a luxury spa day. A sunshine holiday sounds great xx

  6. I love your little batman and your year ahead sounds wonderful! x

  7. Congratulations on the spa day, those reindeer pops are very cute! Sounds like a great start to the new year :)

  8. Great reasons! I have a couple of reviews I'm looking forward to. They're not the reason I love blogging its just a great hobby but I've also had some great opportunities which make blogging extra enjoyable. X

  9. ahhh those are such lovely reasons. love your son's fancy dress costume and well done for your reindeer cake pops - they look great! (my boys did a video for our blog post for that comp and we were one of the winners too - so i'm very pleased with them). have a fab 2013 xxx

  10. Lovely reasons!
    Happy New Year! xx


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