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07 January 2013

Weigh in #1

The first week of 2013 went well with a lot of salad, fresh fruit smoothies and not a drop of alcohol but with a few Christmas goodies left in the house temptation did take over on a few occasions!

With the Mini Mes back at school today I'll have some spare time each day before work to exercise and I intend to give it 100%, these pounds won't shift themselves unfortunately.

With squinted eyes I climbed onto the Wii Fit board to weigh myself this morning and this is the result...

I wasn't expecting to lose anything this week with getting back into the routine of calorie counting after the Christmas festivities and very little exercise so I'm OK with today's result of staying the same. I think I'll find it easier from today to stick with 1,300 calories a day and an average weekly weight loss of 2lb to reach my goal. I intend to look at the picture above every time I crave chocolate to remind me that nothing tastes as good as being slim again will feel. I've already done aerobics this morning after the school run.

How do you stay focused when losing weight?
How many pounds did you lose this week?



  1. Well so far since wednesday morning my scales say i have lost 7.5lb but i'll go with the Weight Watchers scales on wednesday night.
    Love the picture and well done with the exercise. That's what gets me, i have zero motivation for it!

    1. Wowza well done if you have lost that much! Good luck for your ww weigh in :) x

  2. Weightwatchers worked amazingly for me I lost 3 1/2 stone in a year after having my daughters and have managed to keep it off give or take a few ilbs! X

    1. That's fantastic Georgia, a great achievement. I think I may need to investigate their points plan! x

  3. I am starting a diet next week - now I am more nervous than excited but I havent seen my doctor yet. She is about to prepare a special plan for me...I hope it's not too hard to do as I am a terrible cook!
    I love the picture you posted there, it's a real motivation. When I feel like longing for chocolate/something I can't eat I just drink a lot of water to feel like I am full :D I cheat my body into thinking it's full...well, may not be the best idea of all time but it works! I wish you good luck with losing weight, Emma!

  4. well done to you doing you aerobics this morning,its so hard staying away from the chocolate.. that's my biggest downfall xx

  5. Well done for staying the same. I put 5.5lbs on over Christmas and lost 3 of those lbs when I went to weigh in at slimming world this morning. I was pleased because it took me back to my 3 stone loss that I got the week before Christmas. I joined at the end of August last year and it's best thing I've ever done :)
    I'm confident this time that I can get to target and get healthier with both diet and exercise.
    I gave all the Christmas chocs and alcohol away last week so that I wouldn't be tempted once I'd got back on plan.
    Good luck for the coming week :) xx

  6. I've lost a lot in the first week, but am thinking it will slow down now, and that's when its harder to stay motivated, but its good to remember that maintaining is good too!

  7. Maintaining is good. I put a pound on this week but know why which is half the battle.
    You sound motivated and that pic and its message is superb!
    Thanks for linking up with #WobblesWednesday over on Naked Mum

  8. Good luck reaching your goal :)

  9. Well done for exercising, something I need to do but never do. Maintaining is really good at this time of year with all the calorie laden treats on offer.


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