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18 February 2013

5 Ways To Get Your Kids Involved To Organise Their Birthday Parties

Organising a child’s birthday party can be quite complex. That’s why it can be useful to get your children involved, after all it is their party. Rather than trying to find time to get things organised and prepared by yourself you can do it with them. The following article lists five easy ways that you can include your children; all of them are great ways to keep them entertained, occupied and receive a helping hand. It almost sounds good to be true.

Designing Invites

Kids birthday invites can be expensive but there are methods to save you money. Why not pull your resources and hand-make them, your resources being your children. They are full of creativity and also require amusement. Help yourself by helping them. Arts and crafts are a great way to not only amuse them but also provide them with a creative outlet. The only supplies you will really need is coloured paper or card, glitter and stickers. Here is a handy tip; print the invites out on the coloured paper and then let your children decorate. This will save you time and insure the invites are all legible.

Guest List

This one is quite obvious; of course your child will want to tell which friends to invite. Take this opportunity to get them to practise their hand writing and spelling. This is a great way for them to get the practice they desperately need without it being viewed as homework. You may have to check over the list and confirm the names of some of the guests but this should only take a few minutes rather than hours of guess work. Make sure to show your child any corrections, how else will they learn?

Preparing Food

Most party foods are simple and don’t demand much cooking time. What and excellent way to expose your child to cooking skills and gain an apprentice. Obviously they won’t be able to do everything so you will need to supervise. If you don’t feel comfortable giving them too much responsibility then they can plate the food, making funny faces and other odd shapes.

Planning Games

They can be your own critique, telling you what games will pop and which will flop. You can also ask them how long they would like to spend playing each game. For pass the parcel and the piƱata you can make them yourself. More arts and craft and more activities to keep your children occupied.

Cleaning up

A mother can dream. If you can come up with some kind of compensation or turn it into a game you should be able to receive some kind of help. All you can do is ask.


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  1. Some great tips! It really builds the excitement when they get involved in the planning for a party.


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