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15 February 2013

Does luck exist?

If things are going well I tend to believe it's down to hard work and determination whereas when things go wrong I generally blame bad luck! But is there such a thing as luck or is it all down to us as individuals and a case of being in the right or wrong place at a given time?

We were sent a lovely box of goodies and provided with a £30 Ladbrokes voucher to use at the casino. The box contained some luck related items including Lucky Charms cereal, a book, lucky socks, magpie cuff links, a DVD of 21 and a beer glass. The Mr was rather pleased to receive some items for himself for a change rather than all of the parcels being for me... plus he is generally unlucky when it comes to winning things so he needed all the luck he could get!

We were going bowling with family so he decided to pop on the lucky socks to see if they gave him a little more success than usual.

Meet the competition...

The result...

The Mr actually won (Nickipoos) with the highest score I've ever seen him achieve. Immediately we thought perhaps it was due to the lucky socks but we were both a little sceptical and thought perhaps it was down to poor competition (check out my sister throwing the balls) or it was just about time he did win after so many years of losing. 

Coincidence or luck?!

In the evening we headed to my parents for some poker and the Mr cleared the table... hmm again we wondered if it was due to good luck or because he had been playing more regularly and just improved as a player.

When it came to using the voucher online the Mr enjoyed having a go but unfortunately he didn't win anything. It was easy to play with a useful online chat system available for assistance but it appeared his luck had run out (or it was just not his time to win).

Do you think luck exists?

*We received a voucher and lucky items for the purpose of this review. The opinions given are honest and our own*

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