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02 February 2013

Ice fun and safety

Although it's a while since the snow melted, the ice hung about for quite a few days afterwards with a good few inches of it remaining on top of the big puddles nearby.

The Mini Mes had fun climbing on top of the ice and balancing with our support.
It was a great opportunity to discuss the importance of staying away from ice on top of deeper water too!
Fun and safety combined.

  • We spoke about sledging in locations you know so that you don't end up in deep water in error as sometimes ice covered water can be covered in snow too.
  • We spoke about never going to help anyone in water or ice, even pets, as it could endanger them and to seek help instead.
  • We talked about the importance of keeping away from the edges of rivers and lakes just incase the ice nearby was slippy or thin resulting in them sliding in.
We then went jumping in the smaller, slushy puddles for some more fun!

We created some bird feeders this week using the same recipe we used last year, as we were inspired after seeing posts by Fiona and Cerys. These are great for animals at this time of year when food may be scarce. You can find out how to make them here:

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  1. That ice looks really thick, it must have been so cold where you are! Good to get the safety message over and then have a little fun too! Yey to the bird food, we have made some more too! Thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

  2. The ice does look very thick...fab pics.. Xx

  3. oh what thick ice puddles you have great way to drop in some safty lessons too :)

  4. Ice must have been really thick. Its scary really, i guess that's where the safety lessons come in handy x

  5. It looks so cold in your photos. I'm glad the really wintry spell is over for now! Just popping over from Country Kids linky x

  6. Brrr!!! Sounds like you really made the most out of the cold snap though. Brilliant!


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