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25 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday

The year seems to be flying by so quickly doesn't it, it feels like only yesterday I was planning last weeks meals! I can't believe it is nearly March - where does the time go?!

This weeks planner...
Carbonara and garlic ciabatta
A meal out at Red Hot
Meatball bolognese
Steak, wedges, onion rings, peas and peppercorn sauce

We are child free Friday evening until Sunday and away in Liverpool helping family move so we will eat out while there I imagine. I quite enjoy a night, or a few, a week without cooking although the calories tend to add up quite fast. I'll be giving Josie Gibson's 30 second slim workout a go this week 4/5 times to help with the ongoing weight loss! Interval training is apparently the quickest way to shift the pounds so fingers crossed.

What's on your menu this week?

Meal Planning Monday
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  1. Ooh I really love the Red Hot Buffet! Hope you have a brilliant time. That Josie Gibbons DVD does look very good doesn't it? She's completely transformed herself.

  2. This year is flying over....
    Good luck with the workouts! That dvd does look great...She looks amazing!!
    Have a great week x

  3. I had to google Red Hot as I'd never heard of it before (we have none in Scotland) but it looks like they do a bit of everything. Love that idea!

    I don't know where February has gone, it's just flown by for me too. Looking forward to March though with it's clock changes, brighter days and hopefully warmer weather.

    Good luck with the DVD!

  4. You can't beat a week which involves steak.

    Good luck with the DVD

  5. Good luck with your fitness regime, looks fab! I've been doing this one: You'd think yoga would be easy, but I sweat sooo much! Have fun with your meals out.

  6. have fun on these nights outs. Wow the transformation on the front of that DVD is amazing - let us know what you think of it!

  7. Sounds like a yummy week! Let me know what the DVD's like, I quite fancy that one ;-)

  8. Sounds like a great week... Good luck with the DVD! (who is Josie Gibson?) x

  9. Eating out is always a minefield! But if you can make it up with exercise or going easy on other days you should be fine. It's nice to have a treat :)


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