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06 February 2013

Saving the pennies

Although February has only just begun it won't be long until Spring arrives, the clocks go forward and we will be booking time off to jet away into the sunshine. Money doesn't grow on trees unfortunately so going away does take a little organising in terms of finances, saving and arranging your break. These top tips will hopefully help you to pop the pennies away ready for your trips.

Shop around
When it comes to fuel, insurance, broadband and other monthly outgoings, you may be able to save some money by using price comparison websites. The same applies with your food shopping, look about for the best deals available and any money spare you can put away towards your well deserved holiday.

Managing debt
If you have a credit card ensure that you have the best APR or switch to one with 0% interest if you can, even if it's for a limited time it can still save you a lot of money. Alternatively, some loans can be cheaper and easier to pay back so it may be worth investigating how your bank can help.

Swap your mobile
You may like to browse the internet on the go and text friends regularly, but if you need to cut costs swapping to a Pay-as-you-go mobile may save you a small fortune.

Question yourself
If you are anything like me there will be items in your wardrobe that you have thought were a bargain but remain unworn with tags still attached. Before buying things ask if you really need it and if you don't, step away!

Look for discounts
If you are away for a weekend, off to the cinema or visiting a theme park, there are usually ways around paying full price. Look online for discount vouchers and codes to save you money.

Cancel memberships
Do you really go to the gym that often? Do you watch enough movies to make your subscription worthwhile? If not cancel your package and put the pounds towards your getaway instead.

Change how you travel
If possible, use your legs or cycle when you can to save money on fuel and travel expenses. If the shop is a 5 minute drive it won't take long to walk instead and with ever increasing petrol costs it will save you more than you expect over a few weeks.

Sell your unwanted items
If you don't want something rather than tucking it away on a shelf or at the back of a drawer sell it. It will reduce clutter in your home and make you some money in the process.

Book last minute
When you do have the money saved up for sun, sea and sand try to book last minute if you can for super savings and to cut the cost of your holiday. Look for last minute flights on to see if you can find a bargain!

What tips do you have to save money?

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  1. Good tips! I agree with the two last ones - selling your stuff (ebay helps with that) and booking last-minute trips or just finding a cheap flight (I love that UK has so many connections with ryanair!)


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