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27 March 2013

What does your fridge say about you?

I think you can tell a lot about a person's character simply by looking on and inside their fridge. There are many clues as to how organised (or messy) an individual is and how unfit and unhealthy they are too!
 A fridge freezer often reflects how we live our own lives...

Magnetic mahem usually indicates you have children, especially if they are situated on the lower half where little hands can reach! They are often educational and a great way to learn (or to show someones love of travel) but there are some which will show a rude or humourous side to an individual too or a love for animals or a particular hobby.
Our fridge

Pictures and paintings usually mean a child is present in the household but doodles from adults can be
a sign of creativity both in the kitchen and in the bedroom... They often show a love of craft and baking and these people usually try hard to please others and are dedicated to everything they do.

Photos indicate a love of life, family and friends. Having pictures of the great outdoors can show an adventurous side and those of children represent softness and senstivity. It's likely you will also have lots of pictures around the home too. You are generally a proud and confident person, easy to get on with and reliable.

Memos are a good indication that you like to be prepared and organised for everything. If you are the one writing the 'to do' or 'shopping' list it's likely you are the one wearing the trousers; you want to feel in control.

Bare or busy? If your fridge lacks items stuck to the front and sides it can mean you prefer a tidy and minimalistic look within your own living and work space too. If your fridge is cluttered it probably means your house is similar and you are a lot more relaxed when it comes to tidying!

Whether you have an American fridge freezer with ice dispenser or a compact unit it can definitely provide detail on your personality.

What does your fridge say about you?

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  1. Ha! I dread to think what analysis would take place on the in- and outside of my fridge! Oh dear!

  2. I have a collection of fridge magnets from holidays, the alphabet and random photo ones. Mine would probably say I'm fairly messy!! :)

  3. You made it onto my bloglove post this week! xx


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