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08 March 2013

What I'd really like for Mother's Day

The cards, flowers, cute little teddy bears that say I love you Mum and chocolates are all very much appreciated but the things that I would really like this Mother's Day don't cost a penny... it really is the little things that count!

A meal time without moaning. If it's pizza on the menu it's a big thumbs up, but the Mini Mes don't often appreciate the fact that they need veg and they will often look at me as if I've presented them with a plate filled with maggot infested manure. I don't expect them to tell me I'm the next Nigella but please, be grateful!
I'm not really fussed about a lay in but being able to wake up when my body is ready to rather than when it is forced to would be lovely. Too frequently I receive a shout from one of the Mini Mes; "Mum, can I play on the X-Box?/Mum, she won't get out of my room!/Mum can the dog come upstairs?" and I get up drag myself out of bed like an extra character from the Walking Dead to sort things out.
Bowls and cups to be put next to the sink rather than spread across every kitchen surface possible would be super. I feel like a mad plate spinner dashing frantically around collecting them all ready to clean each day and it usually results in little drips, crumbs and stains needing to be cleaned from each work top. Please try to make my life a tiny bit easier.
Like everyone I do need the odd loo break and I'd love to undo my trousers and sit down before "Mum, where are you?" or a tap on the door with a small voice asking what I'm doing. A wee in peace = heaven!
A bed time without a battle. Jamster is a bit of a nightmare when it comes to teeth brushing. He will chew his brush and chatter and then he will have a list of requests while he gets in to bed. An evening without "can you pass my drink/get my bear/adjust my duvet/open my door a bit more" would be amazing! Hugs, kisses and sleep please.

What do you want this Mother's Day?


  1. Everything you have asked for sounds perfect.... I recieved my homemade card today and have been told by my 4 year old that I don't need to do any jobs..... Enjoy Sunday xx

  2. hm...apart from a proper night's sleep - I have no illusions with that one - it would be great to get a whole week with no illnesses or teething and problems alike. It seems between the other half, lill guy and myself we have been ill or unwell since November and I have truly had enough of it.

  3. I would love to be able to wake up when my body is ready! It's teh same in this house - "mum can we play xbox" or "mum should we let the cat outside?" And the one that reallllly gets on my nerves is "Mummmm are you getting up now" At 6:30am lol. That's kids though and I wouldn't change them for the world.. except pleasee just let my body wake up on it's own, just once. Lol. x

  4. I hope your wishes come true! So far I've dodged 2 pooey nappies which is way better than any bunch of flowers.

  5. Id like a day without any questions. Don't ask me anything, leave me to sit down for minutes on end, just for one day... :)


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