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30 April 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - obsessed

Jamster has become slightly obsessed with those heroes in a half shell and spends every minute possible playing with his figures, car, skateboard and finding new ways to defeat Shredder... which often includes dangling him from his cabin bed and covering him in bubbles in the sink!
This is how I found him in bed when I went to check on him the other evening...
And when I asked him how he would like his bedroom decorated he drew this picture for me...
Yep, he wants a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed bedroom now including beanbag and duvet!
Has your child become obsessed with anything?
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  1. Grace surprised me the other day by asking for a One Direction lunch box (we were offered one of our choice to review and silly me thought she would go for a Moshi Monster one!!). Love Jamster asleep in his mask, fab :) x

  2. Ah bless - kind of thing big man does x

  3. And then once you've done all that he will be on to the next obsession! Love the sleeping pic, so cute :-) x

  4. Bless him! Very cute. My boys go from one obsession to the next too. I wouldn't let them have their bedroom decorated like that as you know they would have changed their minds in six months! Younger son has got a Star Wars Lego duvet set though.

  5. Haha, Bean is OBSESSED with Turtles too, and OH is loving it as he can relive his childhood! I SO don't get it at all...! x

  6. Yes - ours is trains at the mo, anything train related is sure to keep him entertained for hours! I remember my brother being very into the turtles, wow they have lasted a while in the popularity stakes!

  7. *rolls eyes* Boys! They get completely obsessed in their phases! Mine wants a Skylanders party. How do I do a flippin Skylanders party????

  8. Lucas loves Ben 10 at mo, interspersed with the Power Rangers, especially the Pink one as she's pretty!!! Should we feel old as we remember the turtles the first time around??? I loved this xx

  9. Cian was a 'turtle' the other day but when I asked if he was a teenage mutant one looked at me like I'd lost the plot! Xx

  10. my daughter is frozen obsessed !!!


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