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20 May 2013

Aquarelle *Review*

Minxy is the artistic one of the family and loves being creative and crafty so she was pleased to receive Aquarelle from Ravensburger which makes watercolours easy.

Aimed at children aged 8-13, Aquarelle includes everything your child needs to make some beautiful artwork;


  • 3 watercolour paper canvasses with paint resistant image outlines
  • 5 liquid watercolour paint bottles
  • 1 double sided paintbrush (2 sizes)
  • 1 water pipette
  • A mixing palette
  • Instructions

The instruction booklet has a very useful guide on how to mix up different colours and explains different techniques artists use when painting. Minxy found it easy to follow and enjoyed sitting and painting the horses. The paint resistant outlines helped to keep the canvas tidy and made it near impossible to go over the lines meaning the paint stayed where is should be.
The paint being in small bottles with dropper style lids minimises spillages and makes it easy to mix the exact colour you require. I could leave Minxy without worrying I'd return to a messy floor and sides and I didn't feel the need to have layers of newspaper down either!

The palette has lots of areas to organise your colours and the pipette makes adding water to the paint simple. The brush is small which allows finer detail to be added and creates lovely results - it's great for those with a delicate touch or a heavy hand.
We were all very impressed with the final product... she has even tried sell her masterpieces to grandparents!

Aquarelle has other styles available in the range which include cities, dolphins and fairies so there is something for both sexes to appreciate.
You can purchase a set on Amazon

*We received Aquarelle for the purpose of this review. The opinions given are honest and our own.*



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  2. Excellent results. (I'd like to do these myself!)

  3. Like the colours and shading of the horses.

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  5. My young niece would love this.

  6. Good review, ideal for the artistic child

  7. my little girl would love this


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