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04 May 2013

Saturday Caption

THAT is the Big One. The Pepsi Max at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
The biggest and fastest roller coaster in the UK reaching speeds of up to 87mph... eeek!
It was amazing!
Do you have a caption for this picture of the Mr, my sister and her Mr (looking a little terrified)!
I'd love to hear it.

You can link up your own picture or view more over with the Mammasaurus

Have a great weekend.



  1. Two seconds later, they all ran and away and hid.

  2. Have you seeeeen Final Destination?????

  3. Fear not mere mortals, we have triumphed over the roller-coaster of doom and triumphed. Now kneel before our greatness!

  4. We're on a roll!

    I'm going to Blackpool in a couple of weeks and I am NOT going anywhere near that. I once stood in the queue for nearly an hour, got the front and chickened out!


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