25 May 2013

Saturday Caption

Is Jamster loving his mint choc chip a little too much?

Jamster and Minxy at BeWILDerwood

Have you got a funny, witty or damn right outrageous and rude caption for this picture?
I'd love to hear it!

Have a great weekend!


  1. One moment Jamster was loving the icecream the next minute BRAIN FREEEEEEEEEEZE!

    He does look like he's in a sort of icecream trance there doesn't he?! Thanks for joining in and cheers for the funny face Jamster!

  2. Eating ice-cream demands high levels of concentration...

  3. They say if I close my eyes it tastes even better!

  4. ahhhhh...iccccce creeeeaaaammmm

  5. Minxy looks as though shes embarrassed for him lol!!


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