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01 May 2013

Self Portrait

You don't often see the person behind the blog but this is me...

I'm a little bit crazy, wild and silly.
I like a night out with friends and family.
I like good food and drink.
I like make-up, getting my nails done and clothes.

This picture pretty much sums up my personality!

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  1. I've seen a few pictures of you and you always look amazing and like you're having lots of fun :) xx

  2. Hehe hello!!! You look like you pretty much have a brilliant time in anything! :)

  3. i have seen the old photo of you on your blog and I have to say you are gorgeous!! i love how this photo sums you up according to your words (as I dont know you in real life). x x

  4. This is pretty much exactly what I imagined you to look like?

  5. You have got plenty of personality! I love it!

  6. Ha! This is brilliant! Put a huge smile on my face x

  7. Great pic, my daughter always tells me I like my crazy pics best and bans me from posting too many :)

  8. Salutes to crazy pic!

  9. I remember the days well :) when I was younger, continue to live life to the full xxx


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