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12 June 2013

A Family Night In With Cadbury

For our family night, which is part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, we tried Cadbury Bite Size chocolates.

I'm not sure where the past few months have gone, everything seems to have flown by since Christmas! With school, work, clubs and other commitments, finding time to sit down and relax as a family can at times be a struggle, but we still like to make family nights in a regular occurrence.
When we pick an evening for a family night, usually a Friday or Saturday so the Mini Mes can stay up later, we like to have a dinner that is easy to sit in front of the TV with so we picked up some pizzas from Tesco. It means I don't spend the evening in the kitchen and can chill a little too.
We also grabbed some other nibbles, to enjoy while cuddled up on the sofas, which included crisps, coke and Cadbury's Bite Size bags which are ideal for sharing. They come with handy resealable labels although we demolish chocolate very quickly in this house - I definitely have a sweet tooth although I love my savoury snacks too!
We decided to watch Wreck it Ralph, a movie we all loved watching at the cinema as a family...
...and play Smashed Potatoes which the Mini Mes like as they get to chop and squish Play-Doh. Games are great for developing communication skills and we always end up using the play-doh to be creative with too.

...I'm not sure if Spartan wanted to play or if he was after the chocolate stash!
It's important to spend time as a family and I very much enjoy it. The Mini Mes like the treat of staying up later and eating some tasty food. We are all rather competitive and often play board and card games together too.
I'm a big lover of Cadbury chocolate and having tried the new bite size bags have decided a family trip back to Cadbury World is needed ASAP.
What makes the perfect family night in for you?

You can see more of our Tesco family night shop here: Google+ Photo Album
Find out more about Cadbury here:



  1. I'm salivating thinking about bite size twirls, not good for my slimming world diet though!! Cadbury World is an amazing day out, we've so far not let our 13mo have even a sniff of choc though as I don't want her to be as addicted as i was from an early age!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful way to spend a evening.

  3. lots of chocolate and walkers sensation crisps!

  4. That looks like a fun game, I've not heard of it before. Great choice with the chocolate too. x

  5. Looks like a lovely night, not seen that game before


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