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19 June 2013


When it comes to dads mine is fairly beyond crazy.
He likes to embarrass family members by shop shouting (think Dick and Dom screeching 'bogies' in supermarkets and that's HIM)....
and by trying on random outfits while shopping.
He likes to be rather repulsive in public when it comes to belching and severe episodes of wind, making us all cringe.
He tells really lame jokes, over and over again.
He is very stubborn and speaks his mind which is very much like, erm, me actually.

He is quite awesome though and I wouldn't have him any other way. He is a great Pap to the Mini Mes and keeps them thoroughly entertained!

When it comes to another 'dad' the Mr is inspiring.
He isn't the Mini Mes biological father but he has done a superb job raising them with me the past 4 and a bit years and for that I'm very grateful. People may say being with someone that has kids is 'baggage' but it's more like he has gained a ready-made family PLUS he got to skip sleepless nights and nappies which was surely a bonus!?

Like my dad, the Mr is a little crazy.
When he and my dad are together they generally cause chaos... in fitting rooms...
Do you have insane inlaws or a dappy dad?

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  1. LOL your Dad sounds hilarious! Lovely post and words about your other half. I have a stepdad who did a fantastic job with us.

  2. Fantastic. I think I like your dad and other half already.

  3. LOL. Loving the pink hat. They both sound like great company!!!

  4. haha sounds like your dad would be a great man to hang around with on a rainy day!

  5. Hahaha! Love this post they both sound like soooo much fun to be around, I bet life's never dull for you hey?!

  6. love it!! i cant believe the fun they both have in fitting rooms! those pictures made me giggle! x

  7. Love it! I would generally say that your dad sounds like the whole side of my mums family but love all for all their oddness lol It makes life interesting and fun ;-)

  8. That last picture is hilarious. Sounds like lots of fun happening in your family.

  9. lol love this post, both dad's sound like great fun! x


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