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14 June 2013

Food Safety Week - What's In Your Fridge?

Food Safety week runs from 10th-16th June this year and is a great way for the Food Standards Agency to raise awareness about food hygiene at home. I love to cook, as do the Mini Mes, so making sure we do it properly to prevent food poisoning is vital! I took the Kitchen Check test to see how much at risk we are and apparently I'm a 'Hygiene Machine' scoring over 25, which is ideal.


You can tweet a picture of the inside of your fridge to @foodgov for some tips from the experts on how to stock your fridge safely.

This is our fridge today, a little low in content as the food shop will be done tomorrow!...

I always knew to store meat products at the bottom of the fridge but these tips from the website may be useful to you:
Make sure your fridge is set below 5°C, using a fridge thermometer to check. This is to prevent harmful germs from growing and multiplying.
Don’t overfill your fridge. This allows air to circulate and maintains the set temperature.
Store raw meat and poultry at the bottom of the fridge and properly wrap or cover it to avoid raw juices contaminating other foods.

If you wish to teach the importance of food hygiene to your children in a fun way the Food Standards Agency website has some activities which you can print off for free for them to complete:
For more information on Food Safety Week you can head to the website:
What's in your fridge?



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