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27 June 2013

What Has Made Me Happy

You're not from round here
We are booking our holiday today - woooop!!
I always feel so much happier having things to look forward to so a week in Kefalonia will do nicely. Sun, sea, sand and erm, saunas.

The Mini Mes had amazing school reports. Both are meeting targets and Minxy is way ahead of what is expected. Her reading age is over 2 years older than she is - making me a very proud mum.

I had a lovely day of retail therapy yesterday with a friend followed by a meal out with the Mr to review. I always feel a little odd taking photos of food but I'll admit when the bill comes and we don't have to pay it is worth it.

Tomorrow we are off to see Despicable Me 2 and I am so excited, probably more than the Mini Mes. I loved the first and I've had the odd Happy Meal over the past fortnight to collect my own minion toys! Well I am only 28....

I'm off to see Minxy in her cello concert later today. I'm very pleased that she has stuck with music and her instrument the past few years and is doing really well.

What reasons do you have to be cheerful this week?

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Ah, nothing better than looking forward to a holiday! Sounds like you have lots of fun stuff happening, and congrats to your minis on their reports. Just got ours too, very good, but then, she is only 4!!

    Popping by from #RTBC x

  2. Popped over from #R2BC
    Kefalonia is were my son was born, lucky you going on holiday there, it really is beautiful!!
    Great reasons to be cheerful!

  3. A holiday to look forward too! Great times ahead

  4. Holiday, free meal, retail therapy and clever kids, wow I'd say that's one fantastic week!

  5. Oh I wish I was brave enough to travel! Worth looking forward to x

  6. Yes, I need to get a hol booked to keep me feeling positive!

  7. Im excited for despicable me 2, I havnt found the time to see It yet :(

  8. Christmas time just to watch the kids unwrap there present's


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