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24 July 2013

Christmas... In July

I'm usually quite organised when it comes to buying Christmas gifts but I've never started purchasing presents as early as July! However, many of the big stores will be thinking about what toys will be the biggest sellers this year and Argos, the UK's number 1 toy retailer, is one of those.

With Christmas being 5 months away and the year speeding by already, you can take a sneak peek at which products Andrea Abbis, chief toy buyer for Argos, feels with be most in demand this December. You can also learn about how important toys are in child development with author and parenting expert Anita Naik and have your questions answered.

See the show live here:

Show date: Wednesday 24th July 
Show time: 4pm

What do you think will be on your child's wish list this year?



  1. Whatever is on the TV! He currently wants some power rangers thing from an advert - I don't think he has ever watched power rangers!

  2. LEGO Friends, but that will change on a daily basis when the christmas adverts appear


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