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05 August 2013

A Castle Fit For Your Prince and Princess

Faced with the competing demands of modern digital media and electronic toys, there is something refreshing and reassuring about the continuing popularity of the toy castle. While today’s children could not be further removed from the times when knights rode across the land on quests and crusades, they still love to hear the stories of armoured warriors on horseback slaying dragons, jousting at tournaments and rescuing maidens who always seem to be imprisoned at the top of a high tower.

Parents who are looking for toys that encourage children to use their imaginations can be confident that a toy castle from is a sound investment. These wonderfully detailed and (especially nowadays) colourful toys will inspire even the most unwilling children to start playing and dreaming up stories and adventures. Children love finding trap doors and hidden dungeons; they enjoy raising the portcullis and the drawbridge; and they are always ready to lay siege to a castle, especially when there are catapults and trebuchets involved.

Here at WoodenToyShop our customers’ favourite castle is the Le Toy Van Lionheart Castle. This magnificent wooden castle has seven towers, each of which is topped with vibrant red ramparts. Two pennants fly from the castle’s flagpoles and as stated earlier there is plenty of fun to be had lowering and raising the drawbridge and portcullis. Customers have praised this castle for its robustness, detail and design. It is easy to assemble, “well made and brilliantly finished”.

Toy castles, like train sets and dolls’ houses, can always be enhanced and improved by a whole host of accessories – a fact that is not only perfect for children, but also for family members who are desperately trying to come up with a present for the next birthday or Christmas. Need some knights or a Royal Family set? No problem. How about a play mat or (we love this one) a siege tower? You’ll always find something to add to the fun and to help the children enjoy their favourite toy even more.

If you prefer your toy castles more ‘fairy tale’ than ‘fearsome crusader’ then the new Le Toy Van Fairybelle Palace is an excellent newcomer that is guaranteed to enthral children who love to hear the story of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel.

This utterly fabulous palace really is fit for a princess and is packed with delightful detail and delicate designs. Painted throughout in a wildflower theme, the garden even has room for a table and tea set, while the back of the palace has a cobbled courtyard where ponies and carriages can be stabled. Fairybelle Palace is arriving in August and is complemented wonderfully by the equally fabulous Fairy Carriage and Unicorn.

Nowadays many classrooms also contain toy castles as this is a popular topic at the Early Years Foundation Stage and also Key Stage 1. Teachers use castles to encourage creative thinking, teach literacy and numeracy and of course history. Parents who play alongside their children can supplement this learning with questions and stories, although who could deny that grownups just want to have fun, slay a few dragons and rescue the odd damsel just as much as the kids!

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