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24 August 2013

A Guide for Wedding Guests

Family celebrations are few and far between for us but in just over two weeks my little brother is marrying the love of his life in Liverpool! He popped the question in rather a romantic way last year while in Paris, on a river cruise, and we are all very much looking forward to the wedding... the first in our family for nearly 20 years.

The past year since the proposal has flown by and now as the big day approaches we have been organising outfits, scheduling hair and makeup appointments and booking our hotel rooms. I'll admit I'm no expert, far from it in fact, but hopefully my tips will help others preparing to be a guest at a special occasion too.

Invitation reply
As soon as you receive an invite check your calendar at the earliest opportunity to see if you are available to attend the event and respond promptly. No doubt there is catering and seating to be arranged and if you can't make it they have the chance to invite others instead. 
If a menu is supplied make sure you send that back too, just check for any possible allergies beforehand.

Buying a gift
Although the bride and groom are likely to appreciate all presents they receive, choosing something from the gift list, if they have one, is the best idea. It prevents people buying duplicates or things that aren't to there taste that will end up gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere! If you aren't sure what to get then a voucher for a large department store should come in handy for most couples as they can pick something lovely for themselves.

What to wear
From your beautiful designer outfit to your amazing high heeled shoes you will want to look stunning on the day and dress to impress. I'd recommend looking for an outfit 3-4 months before the wedding to narrow down what suits your shape, taking a friend along with you for an honest opinion, and purchasing something 6-8 weeks beforehand. 

Don't forget your matching accessories too and booking in your hair, nails and makeup if you wish to with plenty of time to spare.

It may be amusing to swap the place cards, the food may be so good that you want to take leftovers home and the centrepieces may look lovely in your home but sneaking things into your bag is not the way to behave. Just remember it's someones big day and you don't want to embarrass yourself or upset others while there. Also if you are drinking don't drink to excess, vomit down yourself isn't a good look and you don't want to cause injury on the dance floor!

If like us you are travelling for a few hours to the venue, try to get there the day before just in case of any traffic or transport issues on the day which may result you missing the ceremony and reception! Don't forget about arranging your transport home at the end of the special day back to your accommodation too, it's wise to book a taxi in advance.

What advice would you offer guests at a wedding?

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  1. take note of the colours on the invite, it will give you an idea of what to avoid as the wedding party will likely be wearing those colours

    1. Good tip! Wearing white, like the bride, is a no no too x

  2. Ladies, take some ballerina flats in your handbag for dancing when you have been stood in your heels all day...or have had one too many glasses of fizz!

    1. Great idea! A friend of mine provided all guests with slippers for the reception :) x


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