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11 August 2013

Fireflies Camping Craft

*As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® I made these Fireflies and Glowing Blocks with Pinterest as my inspiration*

I've not always been into outdoor activities but over the past few years I've learnt to love mud and all the fun you can have with it and I've begun camping on a regular basis. Weather permitting.

We often take glow sticks as a way to illuminate the darkness on camp sites across the country but I decided to see if we could use them in a slightly more exciting way and looked to Pinterest for inspiration.
Pinterest is wonderful for finding new recipes and craft ideas in particular and we have some great boards that I really need to start creating things from!

There were many different ideas available including glow stick jars, and glow stick games which we have done before, but I found some Lightning Bugs and thought they would be ideal to make with the Mini Mes. We popped into Poundland to buy some glow sticks and took them away with us and our tent to Pack Horse Farm.

Plastic eggs (preferably transparent)
Pipe Cleaners
Card/tin foil (optional for wings)
Glow sticks

Cut the pipe cleaners down to size and bend them to create antennae for the fireflies.
Use stickers, googly eyes or a pen to add facial features.
Create wings using tin foil or card.
To make the firefire glow you bend the glow stick to activate it, snip off the end and add the content inside the egg (ensuring it is sealed properly) then give it a quick shake to spread it around inside.
Alternatively if you have very small glow sticks you can put the whole thing inside.

They glow in the dark!

These will glow for several hours and can be used to light the way back to your tent or to play hide and seek games with in the dark!

We also decided to make some glowing blocks around the tent entrance in the evening which were great on our picnic table while we were outside. We split a few different coloured glow sticks and added the content to 4 plastic storage pots, gave them a little shake and positioned them.

With little or no entertainment in the evening while camping, these are a nice way to keep little ones occupied and they also help to remove any fear over darkness.

You could also hang these in your garden if you are having a BBQ with family and friends as some extra evening light or if star gazing too.

You can see more imagery from our shop here: Glow Stick Shop

Have you had fun with glow sticks?



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