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26 August 2013

Meal Planning and Motivational Monday

The last full week of the summer holiday begins, how did that happen ?!
At the same time as looking forward to some return of routine when the Mini Mes go back to school next Thursday I will miss them. Perhaps not the arguing and sulking but I'll miss everything else. 
I'll try to think of some wonderful lunch box ideas to make dining in the hall a little more exciting for them in the meantime!

We have just purchased a new car, a beautiful Insignia, so although we are far from penny pinching we are just keeping a closer eye on funds this week and have therefore gone for a low cost plan....

This weeks menu
Battered fish, new potatoes and vegetables
Jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings
Cheese and ham kievs, mash potatoes and vegetables
Tomato, sausage and pepperoni pasta bake with salad

My weight loss motivation for the week is...

Have a great week!


  1. What a great motivation. Oooh do we see a piccie of the new car? Very good that you have meal planned. I know what you mean about the school thing. Can't believe September is so close

  2. liking the sound of sausage,tomato and pepperoni bake,all things my boys like but never had together

  3. I wish my legs were as good as the person in the picture, I think I would find that motivating in itself. Love jacket potatoes, I should make them more often as they are tasty, filling and cheap.

  4. Being on maternity we're trying to keep costs down although it really doesn't seem to be working with groceries. Love baked potatoes but never think of doing them for dinner. Really should as that would be a nice tasty and cheap dinner. Any other cheap dinner ideas would be gratefully received! Have a good week :)

  5. Fab - a new car! I love the smell of a new car inside before the sweetie papers get dropped, the kids leave finger and nose marks on the windows and sand, mud gets inside eek!

  6. Love jacket potatoes! Yum!

  7. really need to start doing a meal planner!


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