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22 August 2013

Reasons to Smile... Days out, opportunities and family

I enjoyed a movie and a meal out with the Mr last night. I do love the Mini Mes endlessly but they can be hard work at times (can't all children?) especially when I work from home too. An evening as a couple is appreciated and I would highly recommend seeing Two Guns. My little crush on Mark Wahlberg goes on *blush*.

We are at the zoo today and my mum is joining us. I do love enjoy out with picnics so as long as the weather remains nice it should be a great day. Whipsnade is a favourite of mine!

The opportunities I've had due to blogging have been incredible and I'm now a Prezzybox Pundit and also a Red Hot Ambassador! At the weekend we visited Lollibop too which was a lovely day out for free. I managed to steer clear of the bar and delicious food and I've now lost 14lb in total.

What reasons do you have to be cheerful this week?

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  1. Well done on the weight loss - a real achievement. Blogging does bring lovely things our way for sure. Envious of your couple time - must work on finding a trustworthy babysitter. Cool reasons.

  2. Love a bit of couple time, I also had some this week also as a redhot ambassador, it was lush

  3. I have loved the pictures that I've seen of lollibop! and a big Yay for date night! xx

  4. Sounds lovely :) It's always good to get some couple time x


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