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01 September 2013

Walkers Mighty Lights *Review*

When hunger strikes and I fancy a little treat I often go for a savoury snack and crisps are the usual option. Alone or with a dip I do love them and I often find myself curling up on the sofa with the Mini Mes hands heading for the bag too!

We received a delivery from Walkers last week with their new snack Mighty Lights inside in three lovely flavours; Roast Chicken, Cheese and Onion and Lightly Salted. I'll admit that we were all keen to get stuck in immediately and it was only a mater of seconds minutes before we all had some to try.

With less than 30% fat they are a healthier alternative to other crisps and therefore ideal for lunch boxes too - I certainly feel a little less guilty with weight watching when I pick up a bag to eat.

Lower fat doesn't mean less flavour though and these were thoroughly enjoyed by the four of us... even the poochie sat with a paw out waiting for a portion! The ridged shape provides added texture and being suitable for vegetarians I can pour a few bags into bowls and share them out when family visit knowing they will be suitable for us all... this even includes the chicken ones which was a pleasant surprise.

I was really pleased that there weren't greasy or at the other end of the scale and too dry. 
For lower fat crisps they were really nice!

The Mini Mes were keen to try all three varieties straight away and I had to hide the bags before they tried to demolish them all. Considering they can be quite fussy eaters at times this was definitely proof that they enjoyed the taste. Over a period of a few days we had them while out and about with a picnic and at home with a movie and some dips. The ridged shape was great for loading them with cheese and chive dip and salsa - delicious.

Minxy: "Can I have some more please?"

Available from supermarkets nationwide these come in six-pack multipacks, are a source of fibre and are made from potatoes with no artificial colours or preservatives. They are also MSG and Gluten free (although they are made in a factory that handles milk, wheat, barely, soya, celery and mustard).

We all really liked the crisps, with Roast Chicken being the overall favourite, and I really hope they bring out some other flavours, preferably Prawn Cocktail, very soon. We have already picked up a few extra bags at Tesco where they are currently on offer for £1!

Have you tried Mighty Lights yet?

*This is a sponsored review. The opinions given are honest and our own*



  1. I have tried them, and my fave is chicken! Sounds like you all enjoyed them too!

    anna (intheplayroom)

  2. Great review lovely! Will definitely be recommending these to the sis for my niece's packed lunches, especially as she starts 'Big Girl' school next week. Nice to see a brand like Walkers offering a healthier snack for kids x

    Love From Mummy

  3. It's always great to have a lighter alternative, especially for children!
    But where's my favourite...Salt'n'Vinegar? heehee!

  4. Lovely review. Im hungry now though

  5. I've got a rumbling tummy and this isn't helping..ahhh! I'm not usually a fan of the 'light' versions of food but these do sound scrummy! x

  6. Now craving crisps & dips!

  7. I always think thin crinkle crisps are so much tastier than a thick crinkle or plain old crisp. I'd love to see some other flavours.

  8. We tried them also and love the flavour, we will be sticking to our normal walkers though as they have less salt

  9. We really enjoyed them too!

  10. I'm going to have to try these, always prefer ridged crisps to flat ones!

  11. They sound fab! I'm getting sent some to try from the website BzzAgent! I can't wait!

    1. I was sent Karamel Sutra ice cream from them recently :)

  12. I really love these, I swear ridges make crisps taste better! haha! X

  13. I think these are delicious, must write my review although I did eat them before remembering I had to picture them etc - duh! xx

  14. I love the fact they have 30% less fat, sounds like they taste good too

  15. These are lovely I agree! The Roast Chicken are fab in buttered bun!

  16. I've tried these and they are lovely!

  17. Reducing the calories of snacks is a good idea.

  18. Love the cheese and onion light crisps

  19. Walkers are my favourite crisps always so fresh and crisp


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