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21 October 2013

Christmas 2013: Planning Ahead

Throughout the year, I am usually a calm and organised person, who plans everything well in advance. When it comes to Christmas, however, something mysterious happens. I don’t know whether it’s the mulled wine or maybe the sheer amount of chocolate in my system, but I lose all ability to organise. You can sometimes find me frantically searching my local supermarket for last minute gifts, batteries and wrapping paper with only a few days to go. My mind can be like a sieve!

This year, I have vowed to plan early to avoid the late night dashes and imperfect presents. I have already been looking online for some inspiration when it comes to gifts, so here are a couple of ideas I’ve had for the kids.

Every year, I like to get the kids something special with a personal touch. Your Design are a company that offer great personalised gifts. I really like the western style door plate, and with the Mini Mes enjoying role play games, it’ll really make them feel like cowboys and cowgirls, just like Jessie and Woody. 

If I was going to leave my shopping to the last minute, I’d really struggle when it comes to the kids. With every parent looking to secure their child’s perfect gift, popular toys sell out fast and it can be like entering a battlefield when you step into the toy shop. I mean, can you remember Jingle All the Way? (If you haven’t seen it, you need to)

Argos have released their list of the must-have toys for Christmas 2013, which you can read here. I had a quick look at it the other day, and there are a few things that I know Minxy and Jamster will love. 

Minxy loves animals, so I’m thinking about getting her the pink Teksta Dog. Another real puppy isn't on the agenda in the near future – plus I don’t think Spartan would like sharing the attention or the biscuits! However, this clever robotic dog will keep her happy as it responds to your voice and has over 100 interactive functions. 

I noticed that LEGO made two entries in the list. Jamster loves to build stuff and already has quite a collection of the bricks but I’ve recently found out that LEGO have combined his two loves in life by producing a Superheroes range. I may have to pick some up - I can’t wait to see his face on Christmas morning when he unwraps them!

What will you be buying the kids this year?

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  1. My girls are easy to buy for this year....It's all about Disney Princess & One Direction :) x

  2. Gemma has asked Santa for a bike.

    Stocked up a few things at Argos when did 3 for 2 and using Tesco vouchers too - trying to be careful this year!

  3. We've bought sketching pencils and all things arty for our 12yr old and our almost 3yr old has a Playmobil dolls house all of which are hidden upstairs, just need time to wrap and re-hide them


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