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17 October 2013

Star of the Week, Letters Home and Prizes

I've had such an amazing week and I am so proud of the Mini Mes and their achievements 

Minxy was star of the week just a fortnight ago for excellent work in maths and she was star of the week yet again last week for being helpful and supporting the reception children. She was beaming stood at the front of the hall in assembly with her certificate and head teachers sticker. She is really enjoying year 5 and has already exceeded our expectations. She also received a letter home from her teacher to say how well she is doing with her reading and expression so I'm really pleased.
She is so bright and always thinking of others.

Jamster was 1 of 3 in his class to get 100% on his spellings - another proud mummy moment.
He has been putting in such a lot of effort this year and his hand writing is improving no end.
I'm really looking forward to parents evening later this week so I can hear first-hand from their teachers on how well they are both doing.

I've started to enter the odd comp here and there and on Friday I won an iPad Mini in a Twitter party! I was absolutely thrilled. My laptop died a few weeks ago so this was perfect timing. I'm really looking forward to it arriving and I'll be downloading lots of apps for the Mini Mes too.

What reasons do you have to be cheerful this week?

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  1. It's the little things that my Daughters do that make me proud every day. Also finding out that the twins my sister is having are identical and growing well so far, even though they are sharing the same umbilical cord :D


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